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Increased Property Value ­• Satisfied Residents & Guests • Simplified Renovation Process
“Seal Masters went above and beyond in quality and work ethic!" - Board President, Waikiki Lanais AOAO
  • Concrete Repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Painting
  • ​Sealant Replacement
  • Post Tension Cable Repair
  • Construction Management
  • Window & Door Replacement
  • ​Railing Replacement
Concierge Renovation Experience

From Planning to Execution

Let Hawaii's Experts do all the heavy lifting—so you can be free to do what’s important to you

A Proven, 7­-Step Process

Our comprehensive service The Elite Master Plan ensures timeliness and attention to detail

Increased Property Value, 
Decreased Liability

We ensure the highest levels of quality, safety, and code compliance
Renovation Projects
Reduce the stress of renovation
Worried about being tied up in a project that never ends? Afraid of a messy renovation experience for your residents and guests? Concerned you’ll get low quality work... leading to hidden costs, delays, and paying for re­do’s?

You deserve peace of mind knowing your restoration project will be completed in a timely manner, under strict code compliance, and with a strategic plan so your occupants and residents will be kept in the loop during the process...so you avoid the risk of future liabilities and everyone is satisfied.

We call this proven, 7­-step system The Elite Master Plan

The Elite Master Plan sets the standard for customer relations and project management, and includes:

1) A Comprehensive Assessment
2) Proactive Communication
3) Innovative Engineered Design
4) Professional Permitting
5) Exceptional Project Execution
6) Daily Project Management
7) No-Hassle Warranties
"How Seal Masters cares about our residents and their safety
gives me confidence in their workmanship”

- Ron Komine, Jr.
General Manager, 1350 Ala Moana
How it works...
The Elite Master Plan
Get Your
Receive a comprehensive overview of both the problem and solution
Experience The
Elite Master Plan
Your personalized roadmap executed to care for every need, concern, and detail
Have More
Peace of Mind
Enjoy increased property value, no liability headaches, and satisfied residents and guests!
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It is important to establish and maintain strong relationships with contractors and consultants. A project of this magnitude always requires early and consistent communication.
What makes Seal Masters so different?
At Seal Masters of Hawaii, we know you’re looking for timely, comprehensive restoration work for your building that keeps your occupants happy and increases the value of your property.

In order for this to happen, you need an experienced company with a proven track record to do the heavy lifting for you...a company you don’t have to babysit.

We believe you deserve an expert project management team to oversee the ins­and­-outs of the restoration process from beginning to end, so you can be free to focus on what you do best: taking care of your occupants.

Here’s how we do it...
For decades we’ve worked closely with Property Management and Board Members who are under incredible pressure, so we get it: you need the peace of mind of knowing your property will be restored according to strict code compliance and your occupants will be communicated with and taken care of every step of the way. 

Which is why we’re proud to have a proven track record of the highest quality restoration projects in Hawaii, offering a true, one-stop shop for exterior renovations while providing our clients personalized, detailed concierge service. 

We call this The Elite Master Plan.
“Exceptional customer service…Definitely the best renovation company in Hawaii!” - Richard L. 
How The Elite Master Plan Works for You
  • Comprehensive Assessment - We provide our clients with a detailed breakdown of the areas needing repair or replacement and create a clear plan for the restoration process.
  • Proactive Communication - We are constantly communicating with our clients all the way through the warranty period of each project, as well as handling talks with building management and occupants to ensure everyone involved is satisfied and in the loop.
  • Innovative Design - We begin drafting creative concepts and designs during the early stages of the project in order to develop the most energy efficient, code compliant, and aesthetically pleasing systems available.
  • ​Strategic Engineering - We work alongside world-class engineers, performing the necessary calculations to ensure the installations exceed the engineering requirements.
  • ​Professional Permitting - We handle 100% of the permitting process with the City & County. Our team is able to move permits through the building department quickly and efficiently.
  • ​Daily Project Management - Our management team is at your property on a daily basis to help see the project through all of its phases and ensure we are exceeding all expectations.
  • No-Hassle Warranties - We honor and uphold all warranties without headaches and hassles.
Ready to take the next step?
How it Works:
  • Get Your Complimentary Assessment - Receive a comprehensive overview of both the problem and solution
  • Experience The Elite Master Plan - Your personalized roadmap executed to care for every need, concern, and detail
  • Receive Peace of Mind - Enjoy increased property value, no liability headaches, and satisfied residents and guests!
So contact us today to get started with your complimentary assessment. 

It’s time to put an end to the fear of being burned with hidden costs, haggling over warranty issues, or a project that never ends. 

With The Elite Master Plan, you can be confident your property’s restoration project won’t become a burden to you. Instead it will be a win for you, your occupants, and the future of your building. 

Let’s get started today.
Recent projects...
The Seal Masters Experience
You deserve the highest quality work
& project experience
The Seal Masters Promise:
  • 100% Service Satisfaction:
    Our work isn’t complete until you’re satisfied it’s the best it can be
  • No hidden costs:
    We provide detailed documentation of what you’re paying for and why
  • We don’t haggle, we make it right:
    Enjoy the industry’s longest ­running warranty for service and materials
  • ​Clear communication:
    Owners, residents and guests will be kept up­-to-­date every step of the way
  • ​Strict Code Compliance:
    Don’t stress over liability issues or having to pay for work to be redone
  • The Seal Masters’ Experience:
    Our entire team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations
Ready to take the next step?
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